CANDIDATES: Job seeker, or "opportunity" seeker?

A job pays bills. An “opportunity” is a fulfilling job that advances your career… Huge difference! The KLA team blends seasoned expertise with a personal, hands-on approach to working with you as a candidate. You’re not just a resume to us. We factor in your goals and strengths to help you find a great opportunity. Why settle for less? At KLA we value relationships and communicate honestly about opportunities. We carefully assess our candidates’ skill sets and give them sound advice to help them understand what they need to accelerate their careers. We do not represent candidates we’re not fully confident about for a job. Nor do we submit candidates without their approval. When we take on a candidate we get 100% behind them and work diligently to match them to the best opportunities on their career path.

A   fulfilling   career   is   more   than   just   a   salary   and   benefits.

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What   our   candidates   are   saying   about   us

“Ken changed my life…” (See our video testimonial!)

Ronnie Hargrove, Cisco Systems

“What has driven me as both a hiring manager and past candidate to work with Ken and Frank over the last 20 years is their perspective of creating success for both the employer and the employee. They know what the employer wants, and they present the right people; cognizant of what makes each tick. That’s the differentiator.”

Mike Friedel, DOD Sales Manager, SAS

“I have worked with KLA for over ten years as both a candidate and in a hiring capacity. They have consistently done a great job on both… If you are a candidate be assured that you will be presented opportunities that are a good match for your skill set and personality which will increase your probability for success.”

–- John Trionfo, Director, Enterprise Sales

“…they are connected to more quality career opportunities in high-tech than any other recruiter I have contacted… As technology evolves at an incredible pace, it’s important to me to have a relationship with KLA that ensures my skills are always put to the best use. Working with KLA has allowed me to accelerate both my potential and my career.”

-– Michael Bono, National Partnership Manager

“Working with KLA was a personalized experience designed to connect me with the right organization while also realizing my market value. I had been referred by a trusted source and top performer in sales. At that time I had many skill sets that I didn’t understand how to best leverage. Ken helped me realize my potential by guiding me to the right industry. The end result was finding a new job where I could use more of my skills to create value and excel–plus a 50% increase in base pay.”

H. Tran, Pre-Sales Systems Engineer at a leading enterprise software and information solutions company

“KLA is my trusted advisor for career placement and for hiring, and happens to be the “go-to” firm in the DC metropolitan area for IT sales professionals. Each candidate is afforded the time to go through an intensive screening process with the CEO, Ken Leiner, to mutually determine strengths, weaknesses and personality styles to ensure proper placement. No other firm takes this much interest in the caring and nurturing of long term relationships. Throughout my years of experience with KLA for placement, I have always been treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. When opportunities are presented to me, KLA recruiters openly share the pros and cons and really try to look at things from my perspective, not just the recruiter perspective. Plus, having direct access to the company leadership really takes the entire experience to another level. You do not feel like a number in a big system!”

Mahesh Desai, Sales Leader

“I have good reason to recommend KLA. Back in 2004, I was in a job transition and wasn’t sure what my next move would be. I spoke with several local and national recruiting firms but almost all seemed more like body shops that simply wanted a copy of my resume to send out and see if anything “stuck”. KLA was different; Ken asked me to come in to discuss my experience and goals, and mentored me in crafting an effective resume. KLA was also honest about the kinds of jobs I might qualify for and worked with me on a career roadmap that would allow me to move up into the kinds of high paying sales jobs I wanted in the future. KLA has since placed me in my last two positions. Following the career outline that had been laid out for me has exceeded my expectations because it has produced the results promised.”

Richard Dunn, Federal Account Manager, IBM

“I approached KLA after taking several years out of the workforce to raise my children. With that break and the current economic climate, I knew it would be a challenge. Ken was very candid with me. He took my resume, extracted more measurable ways to show my contributions, and produced a far better version. He was not afraid to prepare and coach me for tough interview questions, advising me to really “know my product”–meaning my value and preparedness with details about each of my previous roles and contributions to them. Once Ken and Stuart identified a potential fit, I worked directly with Stuart, who was easy to work with and kept our pace moving along. Inquisitive throughout, he made sure I was the right type of candidate for the role and that the position would be a smart move for me. He was energetic and persistent about making sure he supplied the company with their requested information throughout the process. He was equally persistent in tracking down answers for me as I worked through qualifying and interviewing. Between Stuart’s dedication and Ken’s candid guidance, I was well equipped and pretty confident heading into the interviews. Since my job preference was not as prevalent in the technology space as many other roles, industry peers suggested my search would take six to ten months. Instead, KLA was able to get me lined up with a superb role, strong leadership, and a healthy, growing company in just ten weeks. It’s a great fit and I’m surrounded by a team of people who really understand customer advocacy. I’m happy to have had such a nice launching point with KLA. Overall, it was a really good experience.”

Rita Galiano, Customer Success Manager, Southeast at Citrix

“… Jodi and Ken did an integral pre-screening with me; assessing my needs, personality, requirements, skills, and ideal situation that would make me most comfortable–the complete package. Jodi then found me a job that fit my requirements as much as I fit the company’s. It was a perfect match at a place where I felt I’d be happy and productive. With excellent coaching from Jodi, the transaction went smoothly…”

-– Susan Smoter, Business Development Executive with the Treasury Account at a major technology vendor

“They’re true professionals who I really respect and have worked with for 15, if not 20 years. [Frank] knows my requirements, roles, company culture and types of personalities I’m looking for as a hiring manager… Likewise, Frank fully understands the opportunities I’m looking for as a candidate and the capabilities, resources and value that I bring to the table. He positions me with clients properly and only sends me to interviews for roles I’d be interested in and well suited for. Other recruiters throw everything against the wall to see what sticks, sending “A” players for a lesser job as if to say, “look at the all stallions in my stable,” and wasting half my day on a job that I’d never take. I strongly urge other companies to use KLA.”

Jeff Kidwell, Big Data Federal Sales Leader for IBM

“Ken Leiner Associates met my every expectation during my search process. They provided thorough insight into the position requirements and the interview procedure of the company (Hewlett-Packard) with which I interviewed. This made me very comfortable with my decision and the overall process. I would highly recommend my recruiter and his company, KLA, to anyone seeking fast, professional and confidential career placement assistance.”

-– Doug Martin, Technical Consultant, Hewlett-Packard

As I settle into my new job I can’t help but think how grateful I am to you. Working with Deb and the KLA team was a great experience for me. Deb’s ability to get me in front of the right company matching my ideal job and skill set was amazing. She streamlined the interview communication and experience in a highly professional manner ultimately resulting in the best possible job and compensation for me. While I don’t expect to use your services anytime soon. There is only one recruiter I plan to use if I ever need to look for a new job!

Jamie Romano, Federal Sales Representative, NEW WORLD APPS, a Layered Tech Company