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…They [KLA] are connected to more quality career opportunities in high-tech than any other recruiter I have contacted… As technology evolves at an incredible pace, it’s important to me to have a relationship with KLA that ensures my skills are always put to the best use. Working with KLA has allowed me to accelerate both my potential and my career. Michael Bono
I have worked with KLA for over ten years as both a candidate and in a hiring capacity. They have consistently done a great job on both… If you are a candidate be assured that you will be presented opportunities that are a good match for your skill set and personality which will increase your probability for success. John Trionfo
What has driven me as both a hiring manager and past candidate to work with Ken and Frank over the last 20 years is their perspective of creating success for both the employer and the employee. They know what the employer wants, and they present the right people; cognizant of what makes each tick. That’s the differentiator. Mike Friedel
KLA “gets” that the decision to hire is not about checking all the boxes; it’s about people… matching the right person with the right company and culture for successful business growth, and making everyone happy… I have worked with KLA over the last 20 years, first as a candidate and then as a hiring manager. What I appreciated most as a job seeker was their dedication and focus… Plus, helping me understand more about the market and how I fit into it was invaluable.

The majority of my recent hiring has been… primarily with Amy… She’s a very strong broker… Integrity sums up Amy’s approach. In fact, integrity is a big part of the KLA brand. In this business, you can’t be as consistently successful over the years as they are, without it. Other recruiting companies I’ve worked with just throw everything at you… I know [KLA] can’t say on their website, “We‘re not obnoxious like the other guys are,” but its true. See full Kimberly Baker testimonial and more on Amy. Kimberly Baker, VP Public Sector, Readseal Network