Kimberly Baker, full testimonial

KLA “gets” that the decision to hire is not about checking all the boxes; it’s about people. They recognize how important matching the right person with the right company and culture are for successful business growth, and making everyone happy. Ken Leiner creates a culture that listens a lot more than talks; asking really good questions to understand everyone’s best interests. I have worked with KLA over the last 20 years, first as a candidate and then as a hiring manager. What I appreciated most as a job seeker was their dedication and focus toward understanding my objectives and matching my preferences with their customers’ needs and styles. Plus, helping me understand more about the market and how I would fit into it was invaluable.

The majority of my recent hiring has been through KLA, primarily with Amy, and it has been such a pleasure. She clearly assesses the fit – the kind of candidate, the personality, what the role is going to be, who they’re going to work with, and their skills and attributes. She really does her homework and then targets select people, doing a very a good job of positioning the company to them. If I like a candidate on paper but have concerns, we’ll get it all out on the table before the interview process. She carefully listens, consults more with the candidate, getting into their mind and comes back with her opinion. She’s a very strong broker in that aspect. She listens and creates a win-win; or may even come back and say they’re not a good fit after all, and then quickly move on with the search so we don’t waste anyone’s time. Integrity sums up Amy’s approach. In fact, integrity is a big part of the KLA brand. In this business, you can’t be as consistently successful over the years as they are, without it. Other recruiting companies I’ve worked with just throw everything at you. I know that if Ken, Frank or Amy call me they’ve got something to say and I’ll listen; whether it’s the search, a person, the industry or something going on–and if it’s a problem we’re going to address it head on and that goes to the core of their integrity as to how it affects business. I know they can’t say on their website, “We‘re not obnoxious like the other guys are,” but its true.

– Kimberly Baker, VP Public Sector, Redseal Network