COMPANIES: Looking   for "A" Players?

Credibility... … Experience... … Trusted    advisors   with   intimate   marketplace   knowledge   and   connections...…  

These are some of the qualities that have differentiated KLA from other recruiters through rapidly evolving technological advances and fluctuating markets. We make the hiring process easy and effective with a talent pool our competitors cannot access. KLA has an eye for talent and a knack for focused custom searching. As a hiring manager, you want quick access to the “A” players in your market. They’re not searching job boards, or taking cold calls about any job. But they talk to KLA; we know their goals and interests, and they know our passion and power in the marketplace. We leverage our credibility to get high quality candidates to say “YES!” to an interview, and help you close the best prospect(s) for your team. Want access and results? Contact us.

KLA'S  Proven  Methodology

Through our deep relationships, exclusive networks and proven four-step vetting process we identify exceptional talent that few others can bring to the table.


          Step  One:   Assessment

    We work with each client to define their goals and requirements, understand their corporate culture,and build candidate     profiles based on client requirements and preferences.


          Step  two:    Search

    We contact the “A” players who we already know that meet the profile, and custom hunt for additional candidates, using our     extensive networks.

    As mentioned in our profile, we attract the most powerful sales talent in the business. How? We leverage deep industry     knowledge, an extensive network of “A” players, and a legendary team of recruiters who stay informed… We have helped hundreds of industry professionals build successful and lucrative careers… Our placements have generated hundreds of millions for their companies–some of the world’s best–and have helped them go public, get acquired or significantly grow… And, our collaborative and consultative approach is fueled by our passion for helping to build great careers and great companies.


          Step  THREE:   VETTING

    We conduct a thorough vetting process to identify, qualify and present a select number of “A” players for each
    desired role.

    Our reputation for due diligence stands alone. The many testimonials throughout our website reflect the
    dedication and integrity the KLA team puts into every search, and why our clients come back year after year.

The Close    

          Step  FOUR:   THE  CLOSE

    We work closely with our clients to coordinate interviews, negotiate and close. KLA knows how to
    communicate and resolve issues to make the hiring process easy.* But don’t just take our word for it,
    read what these hiring managers have to say, and contact us to get started!

   *Ken Leiner Associates has a strong track record in fulfilling our clients’ diversity needs.