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Watch Frank Munero on Hispanic Business Today: American Success Stories

Turn on your TVs and break out the popcorn! KLA partner Frank Munero is featured in an interview on the new TV series, Hispanic Business Today: American Success Stories, a nationally-syndicated news magazine show. “HBT” features Hispanic business leaders and entrepreneurs, and mainstream American companies that are socially or environmentally responsible. This show gets up close and personal with inspiring stories and gives great business advice. For a segment appropriately titled Trailblazers, they selected KLA Partner Frank Munero, a first-generation Cuban-American whose rock-star recruiting has set the trail on fire for KLA, one of the leading search firms for technology companies, and the #1 search firm in the Federal space. His story and advice for job seekers appeared among the likes of Vicente Cossio, president of Cawy Bottling company in Miami and visionary entrepreneur Deborah Treviño of Treco Services in San Antonio. Double kudos to Frank for braving the make-up artist and the live studio interview by HBT’s brilliant host, Viviana Hurtado! Our story has aired several times nation-wide. Check your local listings on NBC, NBC Nonstop, and some ABC stations for rebroadcast times in your city. We’ll also be posting some of the conversation topics on blogs to come.

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