Looking for "A" Players?

KLA has an eye for talent and a proven ability for focused searches customized to each client’s needs. As a hiring manager, you want quick access to the “A” Players in your market. They’re not searching job boards, or taking cold calls about any job. But they will talk to KLA; we know their goals and interests, and they know our passion and power in the marketplace. Want access? Let’s talk…


“What has driven me as both a hiring manager and past candidate to work with Ken and Frank over the last 20 years is their perspective of creating success for both the employer and the employee. They know what the employer wants, and they present the right people; cognizant of what makes each tick. That’s the differentiator. They’re not like other recruiters; the body pushers who just collect resumes and throw them over the fence at you, or want to keep replacing roles every year with transient people. KLA actually meets with and gets to know their candidates. They skillfully match them up to positions where they’ll have a good chance at being successful; by knowing their strengths and weaknesses, the type of environment they’re suited for and their potential to thrive in it. “Hiring managers know that a miss-hire is too expensive. You invest a lot of money and effort into that hire but after six, nine or twelve months they don’t work out. The best way to positively contribute to your company is by first putting the right effort into your search. That’s why I keep coming back to KLA. They’re hands-on, straight forward, easy to work with and will competently get the job done for you. KLA’s placements have helped companies I’ve worked with grow. Bottom line, they’re the only recruiters who have made the effort to bring me “A Players,” and that’s what you’re looking for. That’s the model for success. I highly recommend working with KLA to get the job done right for you.”

Mike Friedel DOD Sales Manager, SAS

“I’ve been working with Gary and KLA for a decade or more, building strong sales force teams both at federal, and state and local. It has been a good experience because of their quality of work. They are well networked, having amassed a wealth of resumes and personal contacts to tap into for candidates. Yet it all comes down to the importance of personalization, and this is where they shine. They understand the position at hand and requirements on both sides, they prequalify and then match quality candidates. While at Informatica and Cognos Corporation I hired no less than 20 people from Gary–and a high percentage of them were quite valuable in helping the companies grow. I recommend Gary Boisen and KLA for the vast amount of resources and quality candidates they present to the marketplace. They have a great reputation because they’ve earned it, and I’m very happy with their work.”

Dan Greening VP of Public Sector Business Intelligence Sales at a major software firm

Unlike most recruiters I’ve experienced, Ken Leiner and his team genuinely care about their candidates and the companies they recruit for, embodying quality, integrity and passion. Moreover, Ken was an early supporter of MiTS. Recognizing the lack of diversity in the IT industry, he embraced our vision from the beginning. He was instrumental in helping us put together a plan to help grow the organization with programs and training to help our members excel and navigate their careers. He has a strong track record of placing many of our minority candidates, including me.

— Mark Hill Founder, Minorities in Technology Sales (MiTS), and National Accounts Manager, Hitachi Data Systems