Frank Munero

Since joining Ken Leiner as his first “associate” in 1991, Frank Munero has been KLA’s #1 producing recruiter, has helped grow and manage the firm, and was named Partner in 2011. A strong relationship builder, Frank is also a meticulous qualifier; he has high standards for both the companies and the candidates that he represents. His customers understand that when he brings them a candidate, they don’t have to question the candidate’s qualifications. Likewise, his candidates trust his judgment when he recommends a specific job opportunity. Frank’s reputation preceeds him. People seek his advice and input even when he’s not representing them. He has made thousands of placements, helped create many millionaires, and helped companies go public and grow by placing key executives and employees.

Frank works hard, but works smart. He enjoys life outside of work by spending quality time with his wife Mary and their two daughters, trying to refine his erratic golf game, and cheering for the Washington Redskins (it gets harder every year!)

Contact Frank at – (301) 933-8800 x 117


“To me, Ken Leiner and Frank Munero are synonymous. They’re true professionals who I really respect and have worked with for 15, if not 20 years. Frank has helped me fill positions that have resulted in growth in sales and overall business. He is an excellent recruiter; one of a very few in DC in the Federal space who fully understands the clients and the candidates and the opportunities for each. He knows my requirements, roles, company culture and types of personalities I’m looking for as a hiring manager, as well as the requirements, qualities and personality of the candidates. His greatest value is that he finds and presents the highest qualified candidates for each role every time, only putting those in front of me that need to be seen, without wasting my time.”

Likewise, Frank fully understands the opportunities I’m looking for as a candidate and the capabilities, resources and value that I bring to the table. He positions me with clients properly and only sends me to interviews for roles I’d be interested in and well suited for. Other recruiters throw everything against the wall to see what sticks, sending “A Players” for a lesser job as if to say, “look at the all stallions in my stable,” and wasting half my day on a job that I’d never take. I strongly urge other companies to use KLA.”

Jeff Kidwell, Big Data Federal Sales Leader for IBM

“The value for our firm in selecting KLA was: a) reputation; b) ability to get results; and c) the fact that the principals have a robust network in the Federal space. It was a great match for us! KLA was able to be our business partner in achieving a key objective of filling a very critical team position–Director of Federal Solutions. It wasn’t an easy search; our CEO was very particular. As a small, California-based software company we didn’t have the local knowledge or networking expertise for building a Federal team with a DC presence. Frank very effectively bridged that gap. Right away, he made a vast difference from our own search where hardly any of many, many applicants met the criteria. He was able to present a small number of highly qualified candidates through a very efficient process that didn’t waste any of our time. We were impressed with KLA’s responsiveness, focus, and the quality of their candidates, and we’re very happy. I highly recommend Frank. I really appreciate his work style, responsiveness, availability, and pragmatism. He never tried to sell a candidate to me. Not only is he very easy and enjoyable to work with; he really gets a lot of satisfaction from making the connections that build companies and careers.”

Mark Varah, Vice President of Operations, MotionDSP

“Ken Leiner Associates has proven to be a true strategic partner as I’ve grown my sales and engineering team. I needed a partner who could help me build an effective sales team in record time to scale our business. Frank Munero provided quality candidates that met my needs and didn’t “spam” me with unfit candidates. This is important when you’re in hyper-growth mode and time is of the essence. Frank has a great nose for talent and is a master of the art of finding the right fit for the right job.”

Nick Cayou, Greenplum Software