Job seeker, or “opportunity” seeker?

A job pays bills. An “opportunity” is a fulfilling job that advances your career… huge difference! The KLA team blends legendary expertise with a personal, hands-on approach to working with you as a candidate. You’re not just a resume to us. We factor in your goals and strengths to help you find a great opportunity. Why settle for less? Let’s get started…

What  Our  Candidates  Say  About  Us

“Jodi Beshara’s wealth of personal experience, in-depth knowledge of the industry and people in it, and valuable insights have been instrumental for my career. My initial apprehension as a first-time candidate looking outside the Federal government turned into a great experience with KLA. Jodi and Ken did an integral pre-screening with me; assessing my needs, personality, requirements, skills, and ideal situation that would make me most comfortable–the complete package. Jodi then found me a job that fit my requirements as much as I fit the company’s. It was a perfect match at a place where I felt I’d be happy and productive. With excellent coaching from Jodi, the transaction went smoothly. The job is going well and I’m very happy. I highly recommend Jodi and KLA to others. I trust Jodi, and can be totally honest and comfortable sharing information with her. She has such great integrity and professionalism, I consider her a trusted confidant. That’s pretty high praise and I mean every word of it.”
Susan Smoter Business Development Executive with the Treasury Account at a major technology vendor, 2012
“Through the years, I’ve worked with various recruiters. Many times this has been a real pain, as most gave me the impression that they’re out to make a quick $. KLA’s approach was different, however. From working with you guys, I received the sincere feeling that you were very much concerned with making sure that I made the “right move” at this stage in my career. I could have easily jumped on the first viable opportunity, and made the “wrong move”. However, there is no doubt with your coaching and logic, that I can rest assured that I did the right thing… I recommend your organization to others.”
Mark Horvath
“I want to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation for all that you and your company have done for me. I love my new job, it is a perfect match for me. Down the winding road, I worked with many of your employees. Frank, Dan, Amy each of them worked diligently and very professionally with me… Most of all, I want to express my appreciation to Stuart. Stuart hung with me from start to finish, and he was always available, supportive, professional, and dependable and too many other good adjectives and adverbs to list. I wish you and your team the best of luck and fortune in the future. If you ever need a reference – pick me.”
Keith Haller
“KLA is a well-regarded “go to” recruiter for the Federal technology space… With my background in communications, mobility and security, [Jodi] worked with me to define my goals and the appropriate niche where I was most qualified. She created an efficient model to target the right companies within that subset of the market instead of shooting for a broad range, and was very good at matching me to the right position. I will absolutely work with Jodi to build out my team for this new position. I like her style and I have strong confidence in her recruiting skills.”
Mark Zentz Director of Federal Accounts, 2012
“I would especially like to recognize Stuart for being my sponsor, coach and mentor within your organization. Stuart was extremely helpful, professional, attentive and a great sounding board for the various opportunities that were presented to me. We spoke often and at all times of the day and week and Stuart always maintained his great attitude… With the people you have within your organization, there’s no question as to why KLA is the leader in the industry. Best wishes…”
Scott Schaefer
“Ken Leiner Associates met my every expectation during my search process. They provided thorough insight into the position requirements and the interview procedure of the company (Hewlett-Packard) with which I interviewed. This made me very comfortable with my decision and the overall process. I would highly recommend my recruiter and his company, KLA, to anyone seeking fast, professional and confidential career placement assistance.”
Doug Martin Technical Consultant, Hewlett-Packard