Amy Shepardson

Amy Shepardson has worked in sales/staffing and recruiting for more than fifteen years. Having earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at Dickinson College, she finds great satisfaction in helping people build their careers. Amy is highly motivated and team oriented. Among her strengths are the ability to listen, a love of people, and integrity. Her first job after college was at KLA, where she fell in love with the action and worked for five years before venturing into sales/staffing. She returned to KLA in 2012 with contagious energy and enthusiasm.

A former athlete and a New England native, Amy is a Red Sox/Patriots fan. She enjoys spending time with her husband, friends, and her 120 pound Mastiff, Beatrice. Amy is originally from Connecticut and has resided in Baltimore, MD for more than 10 years.

Contact Amy at • 301-933-8800 x 121

What  Our  Clients  &  Candidates  Say  About  Amy

“Amy Shepardson is a true recruiting professional. Her demeanor, work ethic, and responsiveness make her a pleasure to work with. Amy has the keen ability to identify the right candidate for a specific position and environment. We view her as the “go to” recruiter for our hiring needs.”

Mickey James, Vice President, North America Sales, Enterproid Inc.

“Amy is the ultimate professional. She is always asking questions, listening and adding value to your recruiting process. Candidates love to work with her. Amy get results, fast!…

The majority of my recent hiring has been primarily with Amy, and it has been such a pleasure. She clearly assesses the fit – the kind of candidate, the personality, what the role is going to be, who they’re going to work with, and their skills and attributes. She really does her homework and then targets select people, doing a very a good job of positioning the company to them. If I like a candidate on paper but have concerns, we’ll get it all out on the table before the interview process. She carefully listens, consults more with the candidate, getting into their mind and comes back with her opinion. She’s a very strong broker in that aspect. She listens and creates a win-win; or may even come back and say they’re not a good fit after all, and then quickly move on with the search so we don’t waste anyone’s time. Integrity sums up Amy’s approach. In fact, integrity is a big part of the KLA brand. In this business, you can’t be as consistently successful over the years as they are, without it. Other recruiting companies I’ve worked with just throw everything at you. I know that if Ken, Frank or Amy call me they’ve got something to say and I’ll listen; whether it’s the search, a person, the industry or something going on–and if it’s a problem we’re going to address it head on and that goes to the core of their integrity as to how it affects business.”

Kimberly Baker, Vice President, Public Sector, RedSeal Networks

“Ken’s team was very ‘in tune’ and up to speed with the type of job that I was looking for. Amy was fantastic! She possessed all the same qualities as Ken; very professional, aggressive and quick to respond to me, and is very positive. I never had to chase her down; she was very punctual. She was also very honest and forthcoming–I really appreciated that she told like it was and didn’t sugarcoat anything. Her insight into the people and company I was going to interview with was instrumental in how to approach them. By far, the next time I go looking for a job I will only go with one recruiting firm: Ken Leiner Associates, and I’ll be calling with an even more impressive resume.”

Ryan Jennings, Federal Sales

“I want to express my sincerest thanks and appreciation for all that you and your company have done for me. I love my new job, it is a perfect match for me. Down the winding road, I worked with many of your employees. Frank, Dan, Amy each of them worked diligently and very professionally with me… I wish you and your team the best of luck and fortune in the future. If you ever need a reference – pick me.”

Keith Haller