Ken Leiner

“We look out for the people in our industry and they look out for us.”  — Ken Leiner, President

Ken Leiner began recruiting for technology vendors in 1987 and founded Ken Leiner Associates (KLA) in 1990. Originally a one-man band, Ken teamed up with Frank Munero in 1991 and Stuart Neuwelt in 1992. This dynamic team grew the company throughout the 90s into one of the premier search firms focused on helping technology vendors build their sales, marketing and technical teams. Ken’s philosophy of recruiting and qualifying the best candidates for KLA’s clients includes taking a personal consultative approach with his clients while also looking out for the candidates’ best interests, and this has contributed to the strong reputation KLA has in the industry. Ken is as passionate as ever about recruiting and gets excited by the day-to-day challenges of closing placements, mentoring his team, and coaching candidates and clients in the technology industry.

When not at work, Ken enjoys spending time with his wife Sandra, daughter Corrina, and his son Matt. His other interests include volleyball, Dominican bachata, Montreal and Latin America.

Contact Ken at – (301) 933-8800 x 114


“To me, Ken Leiner and Frank Munero are synonymous. They’re true professionals who I really respect and have worked with for 15, if not 20 years… Other recruiters throw everything against the wall to see what sticks, sending “A Players” for a lesser job as if to say, “look at the all stallions in my stable,” and wasting half my day on a job that I’d never take. I strongly urge other companies to use KLA.”

Jeff Kidwell, Big Data Federal Sales Leader for IBM

“I’ve been working with Frank and Ken since 199­3 as both a candidate and a hiring manager. On the hiring end, the investment I make with KLA means the time and money is very well spent. They know the skillsets I require. They know the candidates; they meet with them and thoroughly review all the details, and always present a good match. When Ken or Frank call, I’m interested as they’re usually SPOT ON. Nine times out of ten, the first or second resume I get is the person I want to hire, saving me an incredible amount of time and creating a profitable outcome. One thing that sets them apart is their strong intuition about the softer points of the hiring profile, including the personality and the working style that would ensure success for both parties. The people I’ve hired through Ken and Frank have been successful and met my expectations. Some of my best hires and long-standing relationships with employees have come through KLA.

I’ve come in contact with roughly 35 – 40 other recruiters in my career. Working with KLA is one of the best and easiest to work with. We know each other’s expectations and have demonstrated alignment in obtaining the right outcome. Their approach has included coaching me through decision criteria and making alternative recommendations that usually pan out better than my original thinking. They want me to make the right hire as much as I do. Despite a long list of recruiters with varying networks, KLA is on my short list for any position I hire and always the first one I call for a DC Metro or Federal role. And speaking as a candidate, Frank and Ken have placed me at two software companies, Object Design and Deltek, and by far they’ve been the best fits and among the most successful positions that I‘ve had in my career.”

Brian Murphy, VP, End Point Division, BeyondTrust

“Ken changed my life…” (see video!)

Ronnie Hargrove, Cisco Systems